MAINFRAME ONE is a fast-paced action-platformer inspired by the NES Classics Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man. Speed and agility are at your fingertips in this throwback pumped full of tight gameplay, hyper-responsive controls and eye-popping visuals inspired by the greatest pop-culture films, music and literature from our time.

Set in 1982, you control the first ever antivirus tasked with cleaning the infection spreading on the computer of the President of the United States. A legion of evil awaits as you take on multiple foes while seeking the decryption keys they hold to unlock the secret location of the hidden fortress.

Mastering verticality is a must. Levels are open, large, have lots of moving parts, enemies, mini-bosses, bosses and more. Challenge yourself in alternate game modes after defeating the evil Overlord-9000 including Speed Run and Boss Rush modes. Take on the corruption infecting the system and restore the nation’s security!














  • Old School Action Platformer turned to 11 – with impeccable control and responsiveness
  • Non-linear Level Progression – carve your own path through your enemies
  • Weapon PowerUp System – to power up your weapons!
  • Speed Run & Boss Rush Modes – because you’re not done until we say so
  • Numerous Character Cameos – from your favorite Indie┬ádevelopers
  • Hidden Areas, Challenges, Easter Eggs and Unlockables

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